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SendFree General Info

How to Create an AutoresponderHow to Create an Autoresponder
This video teaches you how to set up an automatic email that is sent when someone send you an email. This is a useful tool for anyone who will be on vacation…

How to Make Autoresponders Work For You (Free Autoresponders) (
You may attach files to those messages, view the list of email addresses that requested the autoresponders, view statistics on your autoresponders, configure the autoresponders so that replies will be sent to you and lots more.

SendFree General Info | Top 10 Autoresponders
SendFree General Info. SendFree Autoresponder Set-Up – YouTube · Dec 2, 2013 – by Abbie Drew Learn how to quickly set-up a free autoresponder usingSendFree. … How to use Aweber Email …

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