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How to Create a MailChimp Campaign (2013)How to Create a MailChimp Campaign (2013)
This Tutorial is how to create a MailChimp Campaign in 2013 Did you like my latest YouTube video?? If so please like and subscribe. Don’t forget to visit our…

2014 MailChimp Review | Email Marketing Services –
MailChimp offers one of the most generous free plans in the industry, although it can get fairly costly if you exceed their sending limits. Their notable business …

When Should You Send Marketing Emails? Data Science FTW
Mashable, on Thu, 17 Jul 2014 11:34:45 -0700
When we think "data science," most of the headlines that come to mind are tales of the creepy and the overreaching. And unless you're Tommy Wiseau, creepy is contrary to a good customer experience. Especially at a company like MailChimp, where I work …

Competing with the World Cup for Subscribers' Attention …
The 2014 World Cup is underway, and chances are you've watched a game or two or ten. (Maybe the … Since 60% of MailChimp's 6 million customers live outside the US, we saw all sorts of fluctuations during matches.

2014 Photographer’s Market
unknown, published 2013, 688 pages

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