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Stop Stressing: Time-Saving Tools to Help You Become More Productive, on Tue, 24 Nov 2015 08:07:30 -0800
… against the clock, no matter how small those victories would be. Here are four time-saving tools to help you become more productive at work but of course, you need to compromise on your liberal policy on work breaks, be if for checking on your

MailChimp's Redesigned Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
MailChimp's Redesigned Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It's a universally acknowledged truth that most people don't take so much as a glance at any given company's terms of use. As MailChimp's general counsel, this¬†…

Digital Design Essentials: 100 Ways to Design Better Desktop, Web, and …
Rajesh Lal, published 2013, 208 pages

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