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A Warm Welcome Is Better Than a Cold Shoulder – iContact
Mar 8, 2013 By Harry Kaplowitz, iContact Strategic Advisor. You know what my favorite part of
my Starbucks experience is? It's not the delicious iced coffee, …

My Content Marketing Hero – Johnny Cash
Business 2 Community, on Mon, 12 Jan 2015 18:17:15 -0800
Yeah, these guys are pretty awesome – but I prefer to look somewhere much more entertaining when I seek marketing inspiration. In fact, most people wouldn't associate my favorite marketer with the marketing industry at all. My favorite marketer is the

Tracking and You: Opens and Clicks – iContact
Now for my favorite. Clicks. I have noticed that few people pay as much attention to click counts as they should. Clicks are a healthy indicator of guaranteed readers, versus someone just opening the message. It shows that the …

Zero to One Million: How I Built My Company to $1 Million in Sales . . . and …
Ryan Allis, published 2007, 284 pages

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